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Re: Installing Odoo on ubuntu desktop is suitable for production?

by "Oleg Kuryan" <> - 30/10/2023 08:55:24


Docker is much easier as all needed scripts already inside. The best answer will be just to check official docs on docker hub. But there are lots and lots of videos and articles in internet

On Monday, October 30, 2023, Francesco Ballerini <> wrote:
Thanks, both feedback are really valuable.

@Florian, no specific reasons except for the fact that GUI makes things easier sometimes, so I was wondering if the extra-effort (which is not much as soon as you get use to the "mantainance routine") was worth, basically.

Sometimes I suffer from lacking enough experience to figure out my self: part of the reason is that Odoo is my "entry point" in the world of ERP/IT, which I started to be interest in only couple of years ago as developer, but never had time to put too much attention to server mantainance. In the past I have been told that server installation is basically a "must" for the same reason you listed... but I received this information from people who were not daily engaged with Odoo, so I was searching for a confirm or denial in the context of Odoo from community members.

@Oleg Thank you, I will take time to look closely to this script. I think we will start to use docker soon, can run your script with no problem on a container is it right? Also do you reccomend something similar for docker?


Francesco Ballerini

Il giorno dom 29 ott 2023 alle ore 14:23 Florian Laporte <> ha scritto:

I would discourage using a desktop environment on any web server, Odoo or not.
it would introduce a lot of unnecessary dependencies, disk usage, and daemons.
More dependencies would also mean a potentially less secure system, just because there is more attack surface.

Is there any specific reason you would prefer Ubuntu desktop?

Florian L

On Sun, Oct 29, 2023, 13:52 Francesco Ballerini <> wrote:
Dear contributors,

It would be really helpful to me if you can give me an hint on this.

I premise I have very low experience with odoo maintenance as I'm generally engaged with developement area. 

I mantain a couple of very simple instances with ubuntu server but I need to build and be active in the mantainance process of a more complex instance, with e-Commerce logic involved. 

It's been an year I work on server version and I got used to it pretty much, despite that I wonder if it's really worth to lose GUI feature to save some resources for an Odoo instance, so I am considering dropping server version in favour of desktop.

In the logic of an Odoo server mantainer is this crazy or fairly acceptable?


Francesco Ballerini

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