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Installing Odoo on ubuntu desktop is suitable for production?

Francesco Ballerini
- 29/10/2023 13:49:22
Dear contributors,

It would be really helpful to me if you can give me an hint on this.

I premise I have very low experience with odoo maintenance as I'm generally engaged with developement area. 

I mantain a couple of very simple instances with ubuntu server but I need to build and be active in the mantainance process of a more complex instance, with e-Commerce logic involved. 

It's been an year I work on server version and I got used to it pretty much, despite that I wonder if it's really worth to lose GUI feature to save some resources for an Odoo instance, so I am considering dropping server version in favour of desktop.

In the logic of an Odoo server mantainer is this crazy or fairly acceptable?


Francesco Ballerini

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