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EAN 13 pattern with barcodes_generator_product

Sicurpharma Srl, Francesco Foresti
- 25/10/2023 18:33:41

I'm trying to use to generate barcodes using GS1 barcodes purchased by customer. 

I see in the readme the example:

For example, a typical pattern for products is "20.....{NNNDD}" that means that: * the EAN13 code will begin by '20' * followed by 5 digits (named Barcode Base in this module) * and after 5 others digits to define the variable price * a 13 digit control

The pattern I'd like to implement is 8069235 + 5 digits provided by barcode base + 1 check digit. 

How does this translate in the format from the example ("20.....{NNNDD}")? Does any one have any reference guide for this?



Francesco Foresti
Sicurpharma Srl