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Re: OCA days in Liège

Office Everywhere, Michel Stroom
- 18/10/2023 17:38:30
It’s no problem for me to handle 200 replies Virginie.
It’s also to create some enthousiast and enjoyment to have these days in Liège and Brussels in a couple of weeks.

What is your interest in the OCA days and what are you looking forward to?

On 18 Oct 2023, at 17:16, Virginie Dewulf <> wrote:

Hi Michel,

Around 200 people are going to the OCA Days, so I hope they won't answer one by one to this message ^^
There will be a lot of historical Odoo integrators there, ans some newer companies.
To name a few: Acsone (who is co-organizing the event in Liège), CamptoCamp, ForgeFlow, Tecnativa, initOs, Noviat, Le Filament, Le Grap, Akretion, Coop IT Easy, etc, etc.

See you there!
+32 477 64 17 20
Info : 2j/semaine sont dédiés à Chaf et 3j/semaine sont dédiés à Coop IT Easy

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From: Michel Stroom <>
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Subject: [SPAM] OCA days in Liège
Date: Wed, 18 Oct 2023 14:26:55 -0000

Hi all,

Who is going to the OCA Days 2023 in Liège?

Looking forward to meet you in a couple of weeks.
I will also be at the Odoo Experience 2023 in Brussels.

Please feel free to connect in advance on LinkedIn, see link below.

Best / Amicalement / Groeten,

Michel Stroom