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Re: configuring 'Account Banking SEPA Direct Debit'

InitOS GmbH, Frederik Kramer
- 17/10/2023 18:54:33

HI Stijn,

you may have a look into the entirety of modules with regard to the overarching functionality. Asuming you have Odoo V12 CE the entrypoint would be

and all modules you find there (but these are significantly fewer than in later versions of Odoo). 

There are plenty of experts on Odoo and the specific matter in your region (Belgium and Belgian Banks) that you may consult on further assistance with that. 

You may ask people at Acsone, CoopITEasy, Noviat to name just a few of them

Hope that helps at least a bit.

Best Frederik

Am 17.10.23 um 18:01 schrieb Stijn Vanhandsaeme:
Hi all,

I am new to the list and of course I am hear because I am having some 
troubles using odoo community.

We have been trying to implement the plugin ''Account Banking SEPA 
Direct Debit' on a Odoo version 12 as described in the README of the 
package on 
The idea is that we would create the opportunity to have people pay 
their monthly invoice in this way.

I do have some basic understanding of Sepa Direct Debit (using it in 
CiviCRM for instance) but now I am afraid I really don't find a clue on 
how to proceed in Odoo. I tried creating mandates and invoices but 
couldn't find how to create the necessary xml's to send to the bank. I 
tried to follow the tutorial on but don't get all the same 
options either (logical because it is not the community edition I guess).

Maybe we are missing some really basic thing or the installation is not 
correct, but if we anyone coud point me to some information or would be 
willing to help out a bit (we could even consider paying a small amount 
for support), I would be really grateful.

Thank you!


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