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Re: tool: Odoo Modules Migration

- 05/10/2023 09:18:54

On Wed, Oct 4, 2023 at 5:57 PM Sebastien Alix <> wrote:

FYI I also started an Odoo project that scans all kind of git repositories (OCA, Odoo, private repos) to collect modules metadata and consolidate all these data in one place, and it leverages oca-port to collect the migration data presented above. This tool aims to help functional & technical people with these kind of features:

- get number of lines of code (Python/JS/XML/CSS) by module/repo/branch/organization or any filter you want
- for maintainers, get a quick overview of the state of their modules
- what are the most used OCA addons among all your Odoo projects
- in term of lines of code of a customer project, how are they distributed among  Odoo, OCA and specifics
- generate reports to ease the estimation of migration projects for a given migration path (e.g. 14.0 -> 16.0)
- know all Python dependencies used in OCA to avoid versions conflicts or to improve security updates

A lot of use cases could be addressed I guess. I'll probably make a presentation of this at OCA Days (need to finish some stuff, do some cleanup, host the code in a OCA repository, and address some questions regarding the hosting).

That's so cool! I can't wait to see it!
Thanks a lot, Sebastien!