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Re: construction project at OCA code sprint?

ForgeFlow, S.L., Jordi Ballester Alomar
- 31/05/2015 10:15:52

Hi Mathias,

I completed a few weeks ago a prototype for the construction sector to build project cost estimates based on the breakdown of tasks and resources, looking to integrate with the mexican construction software Opus Planet

I will be happy to show you the prototype results.


El dia 30/05/2015 17:51, "Mathias Colpaert" <> va escriure:
Hi community,

Is there anybody interested in code sprinting some construction-related modules @ the OCA code sprint?

I have some ideas, in particular pre-sales related 
e.g. complex cost calculation module for construction companies.

If anybody else has some ideas, or if somebody might join the OCA event, let me know! 

Kind regards,
Mathias Colpaert

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