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Tech Nuggets: Ecommerce Customer Loyalty Tips, Mobile CRM stats, Wordpress Maintenance tips and More

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Latest Updates on E-commerce, CRM, ERP and Mobile
6 Strategies For Making Your Ecommerce Store Customers More Loyal

According to a report from Forrester, ecommerce marketers spend almost 80% of their interactive marketing budget on new customer acquisition channels like search and display advertising.

10 Mobile CRM Stats You Don't Want To Miss

Mobile CRM is changing the way salespeople manage leads, opportunities and customers. Smartphones, tablets and mobile apps are making CRM accessible anytime.

7 User Experience Best Practices For eCommerce Success

User experience (UI) design is all about presenting your products in the best possible way, to maximize their chances of being sold. Excellent user experience makes your customers come back to your store again and again.

7 WordPress Website Maintenance Tips & Best Practices

Keeping your WordPress website well maintained gives you a great sense of accomplishment. But it would require you to take care of many aspects of your website, some of them easy to accomplish, some of them not so, due to their technical nature.

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