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Develop web application with Wordpress and php

by LEOSEO GUESTBLOGER <> - 27/01/2020 10:55:34




In today’s global marketplace, it’s not enough to just have a digital presence. To capitalize on opportunity and captivate real, live, human readers, an optimized, functional, interactive website is a must.

What we Guarantee:

1. Fast Loading
2. Compatible with all Devices & Browsers
3. SEO Friendly
4. Integrate Social Media
5. Strong Security
6. User friendly design
7. w3 standard validator

Some of my areas of expertise includes:

Web Design & Development using HTML5, CSS3 & Bootstrap and Javascript & jQuery.
PHP & MySQL development
Woocommerce Website.
WordPress development including themes and plugins.
Wordpress website design and development
Responsive mobile site design and development



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