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Paid Content Partnership

by "Annalyn Masangkay" <> - 08/09/2022 15:09:33

Hey there,

I’m reaching out to see if you have an interest in publishing content on My company, Publication Media, works with a large network of publishers that have an interest in original, well-written content and I figured you might have similar needs. 

We're interested in paid posts that appear as a native content on your site. We operate a high-volume content production system and you could expect to receive a few articles to review each week. Any articles that you choose to post would be exclusively yours and would not be republished or syndicated on any other websites. 

Can you share your typical rates for this kind of engagement?


Annalyn Masangkay
Publisher Outreach Specialist
Publication Media | Sign up as a new publisher

P.S. Not interested? Just let me know and I'll remove you from my list!