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The Chinese community held a first meet up last Saturday in Shanghai about Chinese localization and we had some positive feedback from new and old partners willing to participate in a community.

As a side note a code sprint has been decided to be held this Saturday to start improving the Chinese localization in which there might already confirmed  5 to 10 persons gathering in one place.

  • The code sprint will take place at in Shanghai: 上海市虹梅路2071号,园中产业园四期1号楼2楼 (地铁九号线漕河泾开发区站5号口,步行700米)

  • Date and time: Saturday March the 19th 2016 from 9:00 to 17:00 GMT + 8 (or 00:00 to 10:00 GMT+1)

  • Language: Mandarin

We have already a list of modules/requirements that we need to work on in HR and accounting:

  • 财务 / finance

    • 财务术语翻译 financial terms translation  in standard Odoo

    • 财务期间,财务期末,如在期末可以自动结转 period management + automatic balance transfer  from one period to another

    • 标准财务报表:现金流量表,损益表,资产负债表 3 main financial reports

    • 发票及税:如何与开票机器进行信息整合,如何显示税的相关信息 Tax + invoice information

    •  固定资产 fixed assets  calculation

  • 人力资源 / HR

    • 增加员工基本信息字段 adding the fields on basic information  for employees

    • 表单打印 payslip/report printing

    • 工资信息的计算框架(工资计算器) generic framework for payroll basic data per concept and city

    • 城市划分初步实现主要城市的公司工资结构:上海,深圳,北京,成都,青岛。 standard payroll rules by cities: shanghai, shenzhen, beijing, chengdu, qingdao

During this first code sprint we will take the opportunity to:

  • make sure the attendees understand the Odoo Community Association role and how to participate to the OCA in Github (30 min)

  • make a presentation about how to code for OCA (30 min)

  • draw draft functional for the scope that was decided last week (2h)

  • start the first module development (3h)

All PR will be made against OCA/l10n-china repo.

OCA board has already confirmed a financing  for lunch (10 USD / person).

The Chinese community is only starting now to participate in the OCA and we would like to ask the veteran reviewers to help us review the output. I will have a first review on my side (mostly functional and design but not coding) but some more eyes on the technical side would be appreciated to help the Chinese community take off :).

Thanks for your help in advance!

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Date & Time
March 19, 2016
12:00 PM 12:00 PM Asia/Shanghai

Agora Space

Shanghai 1199 Panyu Road Building 1, Unit 402
--Agora Space--
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Elico Corp, Eric Caudal


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