OCA: from the point of view of Odoo SA

OCA Days 2020 Online - Training and Learning Event

OCA: from the point of view of Odoo SA

Proposed by Fabien Pinckaers

A 20 minutes talk about how Odoo SA sees the OCA. I will address some of the common questions we get about Odoo and it's relationship to the community:

  • impact of OCA on the eco system

  • how Odoo SA perceives this impact

  • the complementary between an editor and a strong community: why Odoo is unique in the ERP landscape

  • what Odoo SA is doing to ensure communities thrive in the long term

  • why I am not an OCA member, but why you should be

About the Speaker

Odoo Founder & CEO

Fabien Pinckaers

Practical Info

20 minutes