MIS Builder update

Proposed by Stéphane Bidoul

MIS Builder lets users build Management Information Systems dashboards. Such style of reports presents KPI in rows and time periods in columns.

Reports mainly fetch data from account moves, but can also combine data coming from arbitrary Odoo models. Reports can be exported to PDF, Excel and they can be added to Odoo dashboards.

This talk will present the latest new features introduced in the past year such as budgeting by GL account, subreports, support for analytic tags, analytic filtering in columns.

About The Speaker

OCA board member. CTO of ACSONE, an software engineering company dedicated to crafting quality solutions based on open source software.

Acsone SA/NV, Stéphane Bidoul

Stéphane Bidoul

Practical Info

15/10/2020 11:35 (Europe/Brussels)
30 minutes
Track 2