2019 Berlin OCA Days Spring Sprint

10/04/2019 08:30 to 12/04/2019 17:00 (Europe/Berlin)


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Ticket Type: 2019 Berlin OCA Days Spring Sprint
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2019 Berlin OCA Days Spring Sprint
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The Odoo Community Association 
is hosting the OCA Spring Sprint in Berlin 2019. The event will take
place in the old AEG turbine factory in central Berlin from April 10th to April 12th.


During this event, experts in Odoo from around the world gather for three days to share their experiences with Odoo.

The event welcomes both, on-site as well as remote participants! 

There will be two tracks throughout the event, which will be held in two different rooms:

  • Discussion (30 min) and Training Track (1.5h)
  • Coding/Reviewing/Translating Track (3 days)

Discussion / Training Track

During discussion sessions, participants will be able to openly discuss subjects of their choice with people interested in it. This is meant to be a kind of debate. The purpose of the training sessions are to help to train people in one specific set of modules or practices. Trainers also explain how to use OCA modules, or how to contribute to the OCA.

Coding/Reviewing/Translating Track

In this track participants work together to improve Odoo and OCA modules by testing, bugfixing, translating or proposing new features. This track can last for the whole three days and offer an opportunity to move a project forward. 

To submit your topic, please fill in the following survey:

If selection needs to be made, we will favour OCA-related topics for newcomers. Based on the responses, we will complete the agenda.



From Wednesday April 10th to Friday April 12th, 2019.


The event will take place in the old AEG factory site in Wedding. Once the vibrating heart of Berlin’s Electropolis in the early 20th century, the old factory buildings are hosting a Technology and Innovation Park today. The complex is surrounded by  Brunnenstraße, Gustav-Meyer-Allee, Voltastraße and Hussitenstraße in 13355  Berlin Wedding. The sprint will take place in building number 12. Check the location here.


By Plane

Book your flights to Berlin Tegel Airport or Berlin Schoenefeld AirportPlan some time to get into town, both airports are not central and transportation can be a small adventure.

By Train

Book your tickets to Berlin main station. From here tram line M10 will take you right to Bernauer Strasse which is a less than10 minutes walk from the location.

Public Transportation

You can easily get to the event location from all parts of Berlin by public transportation. The nearest stops are Voltastrasse (subway U8), Bernauer Strasse (tramline M10) or Humboldthain (sbahn)


Our recommendation for the nights is the Hotel Moxy Berlin Humboldthain close to the event location.

If you want to find a different location to stay, Berlin is full of hotels, airbnbs or couch surfing options. Just check it out.

We are looking forward to seeing you in April in Berlin. Don’t wait for too long with your application, the number of seats is limited.


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Odoo - Sample 2 for three columns

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AEG Factory Site
Building 12, Brunnenstraße, Gustav-Meyer-Allee, Voltastraße, Hussitenstraße
Berlin 13355


From 10/04/2019 08:30
To 12/04/2019 17:00


Odoo Community Association (OCA)

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The OCA Days 2020 will be held online.

The aim of doing it this way is to help support the community as we all deal with the global pandemic and the uncertain times ahead, everyone has the opportunity to join in.

This year’s sprint will again be the standard two days but across many time zones. BIG focus will be put on helping to get people active in contributing and continuing to do so, keeping the usual 3 tracks, coding, training and discussions.

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Being online only we hope we will be able to reach more of our contributors and offer more support to our “newbies” in particular, a real sense of training and learning. 

We want to use this as a time to welcome everyone, the newbies who know nothing and are keen to learn, the programmer who has made one PR, the experienced people who don’t contribute already, the seasoned member who has been around for a long time with knowledge to impart.

We want to support the community and get the most out of this opportunity globally. 

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The conference will circumvent around video conferences for Training and Talks, that will be pre-scheduled. The OCA will provide a specific platform for this purpose.

At the same time the OCA will introduce a modern Chat platform, using separate channels for the various topics of the sprint.
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