WesTower Construction

WesTower Construction

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The requirements

WesTower Communications is a fast-growing construction company, specializing in the telecommunications market.  The company was founded in 1989 in British Columbia, Canada as a tower design and construction company with a focus on the rapidly expanding telecommunications industry.  

During this rapid growth, WesTower needed to create systems for managing inventory, warehouse management, and job scheduling.  In addition, WesTower desired to analyze profitability by job to assist with key decision making and to understand the effects of their growth potential on their financials.

The solution by Open Source Intgrators

In working with WesTower, USAodoo implemented a business process management CRM, accounting and logistics solutions that met numerous key objectives related to inventory and warehouse management, purchasing, job costing, order management, cost reduction, greater customer satisfaction, and improved flexibility and agility. USAodoo empowered WesTower staff to be part of the change management and create ownership of their fully integrated ERP solution. With close, trusted communication, all parties worked hard to solve some key technical and business