2015 OCA Delegates Election Result

With 28 voters out of 34 (82% of participation), please find below the list of 2015 OCA Delegates Candidates with their results:

M. Laurent Mignon 23
M. Pedro Manuel Baeza Romero 24
M. Markus Schneider 23
M. Fakrudeen Abbaz 3
M. Samer Nefawa 6
M. Holger Brunn 23
M. Pierre Verkest 8
M. Jos De Graeve 14
M. Guillaume Jullien 5
M. Lorenzo Battistini 21
M. Oleg Kuryan 7
M. Raphaël Valyi 24
M. Leonardo Pistone 21
M. Laurent Meuwly 8
M. Yves Delsart 5
M. Frédéric Clémenti 20

Thank you very much to all candidates and congratulations to the elected ones!

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