Why a Open Source distribution is better suited for complex business solutions


Usually, a blog is about the continuous flow of events and circumstances. This is not. It is one of the moments, where the writer has the feeling to tell you, the reader, about his insights. Will this be interesting? Well: IT IS (https://www.itis.de) has been active in the open source community for eight years now, and has a total of 21 years of software business experience. The writer has experience in business software for 33 years, and was sometimes on the dark side, with Microsoft. So many things come and go in these times. Hang on, if you like, and we will tell you about the particulars of open source in the light of a business solution. 

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Benefit and obstacles

There are general advantages and disadvantages about sharing the source code of a development. The good is obvious: Every experienced software professional can look it up and see with his own eyes if the software is not serving its purpose but is build well, if it is free of flaws, whether it is by human error (forgivable) or by (not so nice) human intent, and if the software has a future of maintenance by frequent updates for quality and because of external circumstances (like legal requirements). So can there be a bad? Yes, there can: Not everybody who contributes will write software that has the same prerequisites, whether it on his own abilities, the farsightedness for the purpose, the interaction with other software or underlying hardware etc. This goes for the individual, but when it comes to development, that are big, this will go exponentially, if it is not getting regulated somehow.

Regulation is a bad word and has some taste which the opposite of the open source spirit: freedom. But if you look closer, every successful OS project has a ton of rules, do's and don'ts which are needed to make the project really successful. Now the question is, whether these are "just there","common knowledge rules" or are really there in a digestible form for those who are willing to participate? In comparison to an organization, where those rules are part of the order chain, the OS "organization needs to figure. With it there will be many pieces of particular solution. Some are awesome, some great, some are universal, some are dedicated, some are timeless and some are good only for a few month due to circumstances.   

The good of such a piecework is it's flexibility. It appears that you can do everything, provided you will find the right piece of code, aka module. But everything sometimes is nothing, because of the user, that is simply overwhelmed, not finding his way though the jungle, and gives up with frustration. For example, if you have a gathering of 50 musicians, who are all prefect and play to the notes, but with different amplitudes and different angles towards the audience, leading to a sound mesh. It takes a conductor to prescreen what the public shall experience, a perfect orchestration

There are beautiful compilations of great software. One of it is what I am unveiling to you now. It uses many of the most wanted modules, which are great and at the same time provides a whole lot of new, major modules (like contract management for products, manufactures, deliverable and recurring activities, including hand over between supplier contracts and customer contracts)  which are mandatory for business solutions. It's beauty lies in it's orchestration, it's simplification of the installation procedure and it's balance with the solution and well beyond it. IT IS easy. The name expresses what it is build for: Easy approaches, most fitting, complete solution approaches and a unified, new user experience with an improved user interface. But it is just one of a set of four, which play together in a way that they provide even more but just the sum of it’s parts.

The fantastic 4 in open source software

ITISeasy combines a whopping four of the most required business tools of today's world, namely the "ERP" product itself, named ITISeasy.business, a document solution named ITISeasy.docs, a messaging and groupwork platform called ITISeasy.email and last, not least a great conferencing and team meeting solution called ITISeasy.team. Those four tools are accompanied by a uniform user and application management tool, independent from the four, but providing a great web interface for an elaborated unified user and groups management, services like backup and module upload facilities, and the  ability to control the machines as such. It's name is IT IS control center.   

With those products, the ability to run a business nowadays is vastly improved and eased in. You have one user that is inherited throughout the products, and can log in into these beloved helpers of daily work. Just search the web for “itis.de” to find it, try it, like it. 

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Written by Joerg Lorenz


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Why a Open Source distribution is better suited for complex business solutions
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