The OCA is proud to announce the birth of its baby bot
Since a few weeks, OCA contributors have noticed increased activity from a user named oca-git-bot.

This industrious bot has the mission to make life of contributors easier, and helping make the OCA contribution experience more fluid. To this end it is monitoring all OCA repositories and is taking appropriate actions on some specific events.

Current actions include:
  • labeling pull requests approved, and ready to merge when the required conditions are met;
  • generating addons README.rst and whenever commits are pushed to the main branches;
  • deleting the branch when a pull requests is merged from a branch on an OCA repo.

It is still young but we will nurture it so it grows to do more and more over time. You can have a look at current ideas in it's issue tracker. In the future it will also respond to orders, such as a smart merge command.

To help it grow faster, do not hesitate to contribute. It's actually easier than it sounds, and it's fun hacking a modern python 3.6 project. Simply pickup an existing issue (the easiest are marked "good first issue") and create a pull request. If you have ideas of new tasks the bot could perform, create an issue describing it and sketching the algorithm. The project README provides starting points, but do not hesitate to contact Stéphane Bidoul for guidance.
The OCA is proud to announce the birth of its baby bot
Acsone SA/NV, Stéphane Bidoul 4 December, 2018
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