Thank you!
The OCA Communication Strategy is coming to life and it's because of you!

The OCA Board would like to give our thanks to our great community for the time and energy given to help build our new communication strategy with GoodSense.

Over the summer, 3 workshops have taken place to get direct input from our community members. A big thank you to the 16 people who dedicated almost 3 hours of their time to us. They were sponsors, developers, consultants, integrators and functional people coming from all over the world: an awesome representation.

In addition to these 3 workshops, a survey was sent to all our contributors. More than 360 people participated in this 5 minute survey, which asked about the aspects most valued in our community. They were developers, consultants, functional people, managers and users from 41 different countries.

Last but not least, thanks to Allanah, Chris and Kath from GoodSense for their hard and excellent work with us!

Do you want to learn more about the output of these workshops and survey?

Come and discover our talk during the OCA Days.

Register here!

Thank you!
Coop IT Easy SC agréée, Virginie Dewulf 7 September, 2021
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We found our Communication Agency!
and we're preparing the 2021 OCA Days!