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Since its introduction to the OCA (and before), OpenUpgrade has been the accepted community path to migrating between Odoo instances. And even while Enterprise migration has evolved, it is still difficult to migrate custom code without using OpenUpgrade and/or openupgradelib. In a nutshell, OpenUpgrade is a project of great strategic importance to partners and the community.

Over time, a small group of contributors have made improvements and written the bulk of the migration scripts. On an annual basis the OCA has awarded a tender for the writing of the migration scripts. Ask the board, ask the contributors, ask the tenderers and it is united - Outsourcing OpenUpgrade migration scripts doesn't work. The OCA board therefore decided: “There will be no more OpenUpgrade RFQ's for migration scripts”. We are in need of a better mechanism to reach goals faster and more reliably.

Hence, we need to change. In short:

  • We need to get scripts for new versions out sooner

  • We need to speed up the merge process

  • We need to better coordinate the work

  • We need to expand the contributor base

  • We need to improve the documentation and training, open communication channels and a load of other things.

…..and we need to do that all starting now!

The first thing we need to know to help improve the situation, is to know if, and if yes, how you use OpenUpgrade. 

We therefore, kindly ask you to participate in our survey and spread the word about this survey as much as you can in the community. The more contributors, users and integrators alike filling this survey, the more likely we will start doing the right things to help OpenUpgrade to flourish.

Complete Survey Here

Written by Frederik Kramer and Graeme Gellatly 
Cover photo by Kevin Horvat on Unsplash 
15 June, 2022
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