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Odoo 9 accounting Gaps analysis

First thank you all...

...because our modest google doc 'quick gap analysis' about Odoo 9 accounting has been massively read and commented by the community.

And last week during an OCA board meeting, it was decided to push this initiative as much as possible. 

So what is currently the outcome of this document...

I feel there is possibly a consensus and this is a very good news.

There is no general criticism or global resistance to change like we could read at first in various mailing lists or tweets... but more pin-pointed concerns with pragmatic questioning about the day-to-day business.

Six topics appear to be on top of the list :

* The removal of the fiscal year

* The limited access to the journal items views (debug mode?)

* The removal of hierarchy in financial & analytical accounts

* Basic reports are missing or lacking (no partner ledger, no account summary, only 80 lines max, no filter by account on general ledger...)

* The actions and visualization of reconciled entries are not really accessible anymore

* Electronic Payment are lacking too much (no mass supplier payment possible, payment in currencies are a nightmare,...)

Of course this is not the only issues identified, this is not my own little opinion neither. This is simply what we read from community feedback.

Odoo 9 is already there and we do not have much time to fill the gaps so we want to be fast (and good)...

So here is the roadmap we propose : 

1 - Let's give us a extra week to collect comments/advise/critics from you about this document and the current top 6 list. You can go and insert comments to the document or send email to the mailing list (accounting@odoo-community.org).

2 - Based on your feedback, we will pick up 2-3 topics, write public specs and estimate time to develop the solution (let's give us 3 weeks for this)

3 - From this point we see 2 options :

- If devs can be handled by OCA through usual channel (GitHub PR) then let's not change anything since it works already very well.

- But if devs are a too big chuncks for a single partner then OCA will start a funding campain (ex : Indigogo) in order to organize a Code Sprint with the best developers of the community :) like we've already done in the past.

I hope this email gives you enough outlook for now and explain the path we want to follow. 

Waiting for your contributions... 


PSC Accounting

Frederic Clementi


Odoo 9 Accounting OCA
Camptocamp SA, Frédéric Clementi 12 November, 2015
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