OCA Sprint june 1-2, 2015
All you need to know before joining us in Louvain la Neuve

The basics

Where, When, Who, What...

When: the sprint will take place on Monday June 1st and Tuesday June 2nd 2015. We will start on monday 9:30, have a break at noon, and finish when people are tired, and start again on the next day at 9:00.
Where: at the Ibis Hotel in Louvain la Neuve. This is a 10 minute walk from the train station of Louvain la Neuve. For general information about how to get to Louvain la Neuve, you may want to refer to the Odoo Experience 2015 web site.
Who: everyone is welcome, but please send an email to odoodays2015 at odoo-community.org if you plan to attend but did not fill the survey. We are expecting 40-50 person.
What: bring your laptop, bring a power plug adapter if you need one, bring some paper and a pen. We will have WIFI, and the OCA is taking care the lunches.

Sprint Topics

What are we going to do during the sprint?

Lots of people are coming, which means we need to get organized a bit. We are trying hard to do our best but this is our first time, so be kind to us :-)

We propose to have different workshops, with small groups of about 3-5 people working on various goals. These workshops will be organized around tables. Of course people will be able to leave a topic and join another, but please try to keep some focus and to not leave half baked tasks behind. The coordination will be achieved using a google document or an etherpad where workshop participants will be able to write down the achievements.


MRP Sprint

We have gathered some specifications for improving MRP in Odoo. A number of people have mentioned interest for this, so we could have one or two workshops on this. Goals to be defined on monday morning.

OCA Process Documentation

We can have a 1/2 day session to produce a document about our processes, to be made publicly available to both newcomers and old timers.

Geo Engine

Some people have proposed to join the sprint to finalize the porting of GeoEngine to Odoo 8.0. We will have a workshop on this topic.

Odoo Mailing List improvement

The Mailing List feature in Odoo is not very good, and it lacks some basic features that people expect in a mailing list such as thread handling, and answer to list.

Connector Framework

There will be a Connector Framework workshop. The sprint objectives are yet to be defined but it could involve: improving the job runner improvements, splitting the queue from the connector, defining a roadmap for the future of the projects...

Continuous Integration and Tools

Work on our CI tools (travis, runbot). There are a number of possible sprint goals, from Transifex integration, to travis build speeding up, as well as current PR processing.

OCA Projects Documentation

We will have several workshops working on the documentation of OCA projects. The goal is to have consistent and useful documentation for our modules and for our projects

OCA Projects Roadmaps

We will try to have project roadmaps workshops, in which birds of a feather will discuss the needed features of our projects and produce roadmap documents and feature lists.

OCA Projects PR review & merge

We have a large backlog of PR on our projects. Some have never been reviewed, some have been reviewed but the fixes have never been implemented by the original author, some need to be rejected and closed. We will have per project workshops where decisions can be taken about these.

OCA Sprint june 1-2, 2015
Camptocamp France SAS, Alexandre Fayolle 21 May, 2015
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