OCA Newsletter #3
OCA Days and the Annual General Assembly


OCA Days 2022 registrations are now full! We can't wait to see everyone face-to-face again! Those that we miss at the OCA Days, we'll hopefully see at the Odoo Experience later that week - make sure you stop by our booth!

In gearing up for the OCA Days we will need some help:

  • Sunday 9th October - later in the afternoon, we need to set up the code sprint room. We've got the furniture ordered but we need to get it placed inside the venue. If you can help please let us know below and we'll coordinate times etc with you but aiming for around 5:30pm.

  • Address to come along and help - VAL BENOIT, Génie Civil, Quai Banning 6, 4000 Liège

  • Tuesday 11th October - we'll need help packing down around 4pm as well, please be prepared to help as the talks finish.


What has the Board been up to?

Lately, we've been busy getting things organised for the OCA Days. We started the real planning around April with a newly formed OCA Days planning group from among the Board members. Following regular monthly meetings, the whole Board has now been involved in the planning meetings and daily emails for the last two months. We are lucky to have the team at Acsone on the ground and they have been amazing at doing site visits and checking things out at the venue - thank you!


We are trying something different this year with the OCA Days - we've got a couple of great social events along with our code-sprint and presentations.

  • Sunday 9th October - 8pm - Social Kick-Off event at Brasserie {C}

  • Monday 10th October - Code Sprint, Talks and Evening Event (Live Music, Food Trucks)

  • Tuesday 11th October - Code Sprint and Talks

If you are registered for OCA Days, please keep an eye out for the email next week with all the practical information.

We have commissioned ForgeFlow to do the Video Post Production of the talks which we will then share on our YouTube Channel following the event.

We are also hoping to stream the talks - all going to plan, these will be on the Youtube Channel in real-time. We'll share the link on our blog on the day if things are working right! We are just in the process of confirming talk times with our speakers and will have the agenda ready to share for early next week.



Become a Delegate and Vote!

  • The AGA is coming up in October

  • If you are already a Delegate please make sure you have paid for your 2022 membership so you can vote - you can contact our General Secretary to check if you aren't sure.

  • If you are a current paid Member and interested in becoming a Delegate this year keep an eye out for upcoming AGA information to propose yourself. You'll then be able to vote in the AGA.

  • You need to be a Delegate to apply to become a Board member if this is of interest to you.

  • Are you still hesitant to become a member, delegate or board member? We'll 

    answer all your questions during a slot at OCA Days on Monday.

Key Dates

  1. 10th - 21st October  - Week 1 & 2: OCA paid members of 2022 invited to apply their candidacy to become an OCA Delegate

  2. 24th October  - 4th November - Week 3 & 4: Active OCA Delegates vote for 10 new OCA Delegates

  3. 7th - 18th November - Week 5 & 6: OCA Delegates announce their candidacy to become an OCA Board Member or Financial Auditor (for the FA the applicant does not need to be a Delegate) on the Delegate mailing list

  4. 21 November - 2nd December - Week 7 & 8: OCA Delegates vote for board members, auditors, financial statements



The new website has been live for a couple of months now. We've seen an increase in traffic by 15% and also a number of new annual sponsors over this period.
Let's explore:

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OCA Newsletter #3
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