OCA Newsletter #2017.1: Restart

Hello everyone.

After an interruption, the newsletter is back. Once again, we want to regularly report on the community news and on what the OCA Board is working on. You will notice that the newsletter format has changed. It is now more compact and straightforward. I hope you like it.

You are welcome to mail us to suggest an article. If it gets published, you will get credit on the newsletter. You can also reach us for any comments or suggestions.

Finally, I would also like to give a word of appreciation to our Platinum sponsors, Onestein B.V and Aleph Objects, and our Silver sponsor, Allmas IT.


OCA Initiatives

Hot topics from the OCA board agenda

Bounty to build a GitHub bot for the OCA

As a way to encourage open source work and also get help on features needed for the its administration, the OCA plans to open bounties with the BountySource platform.
Right now a 500$ bounty is up for developing version 1 of the GitHub bot to onboard newcomers and help with code reviews.
Learn more at bountysource.com.

Meeting with the ERPNext founder

Early in January Rushabh Mehta, the ERPNext Founder and CEO, wrote an open letter addressing the Odoo community. The OCA Board answered by inviting Rushabh to a board meeting, and we agreed that collaboration between both communities would be fruitful, and discussed on the communication channels that can be used.
Read the blog post at odoo-community.org.

RFQ to migrate Odoo-community.org from v8 to v10

The OCA decided to upgrade its Odoo instance to version 10. Funding the needed OpenUpgarde scripts seems like a good use of the OCA resources. So a request for quotations was issued, for the development of the OpenUpgrade migration scripts.
See the related mailing list thread at odoo-community.org.

2017 Membership and Sponsorship are now available!

Your membership is very important to keep the OCA services running, such as the OCA website and the Runbot infrastructure. Our funds are also used to promote events and code sprints. Current members and sponsors shall be receiving their renewal invoices soon.
If you are still not a member, memberships can be purchased at the OCA online store, odoo-community.org/shop.

From the Community

Noteworthy discussions and articles

Odoo Security Advisory

Brute force scans have been found looking for Odoo instances using the default database master password. Make sure all your Internet facing instances are protected by disabling the database manager or using strong passwords. Find more details at github.com.

Community Events

Don't miss these opportunities to learn and share

Torino Meetup

A series of Odoo meetups will be held at Torino, Italy. They are being organized by Giacomo Grasso and Alex Comba, and sponsored by their employer, AgileBG.
Find the dates and other details at meetup.com

Photo credits: Rob Lambert, license CC0

OCA Newsletter #2017.1: Restart
Open Source Integrators, Daniel Reis 13 February, 2017
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Meeting with the ERPNext founder