OCA Monthly Newsletter
October 2015

Welcome to the first release of the OCA Newsletter!

In this newsletter, we hope you will find relevant information regarding Odoo and the OCA: features, events, contributors, updates. If you have any feedbacks and would like to read some important stuff here, do not hesitate to comment.

Odoo version 9 has been released!

On October 1st, Odoo SA released version 9 of our favorite open source business applications platform. You will find all the details about this new version and its changelog. Discover it now!

Migration to version 9

Pedro M. Baeza has written the script to automate the initialization of OCA repositories for the migration to 9.0. You can review his pull request hereFor those of you eager to start migrating modules, please read the documentation on how to proceed.


Work has started to provide a packaging and distribution mechanism for OCA modules. This effort can be followed and contributed to on Github. We try to base the packaging system on the standard python setuptools. A working prototype of a setup.py for Odoo addons is described in this comment. We are seeking feedback and testers.

Release 3.2.0 of OCA/Connector

Version 3.2.0 of the OCA/connector has been released with his lot of new features and bugfixes. Please read the full changelog on Github.

OpenUpgrade Library completed

In the OpenUpgrade project, the refactoring to use openupgradelib wherever has been completed. OpenUpgradelib is the decoupling of the helper methods for migration tasks from the OpenUpgrade distribution into a separate library (pip install openupgradelib). This allows you to use the library in any module migration. Remember that standard Odoo supports migration scripts to be run when the module version number is incremented. For an example of such scripts, see https://github.com/OCA/bank-payment/tree/8.0/account_banking_sepa_direct_debit/migrations/ In these scripts, you can now import OpenUpgradelib and use the following methods: https://doc.therp.nl/openupgrade/API.html#module-openupgrade. Many thanks to Sandy Carter for doing this refactoring. OpenUpgradelib is maintained at https://github.com/oca/openupgradelib.

Events and local communities

Pycon FR in Pau, France from October 17th to 20th

The OCA will be in Pau this month for Pycon FR. Make sure to meet and join the Odoo Community for the code sprint by registering here: https://framadate.org/3qotnpzc5uu8fndp   

More info:

Festival ICT in Milan, Italy on November 11th

It is official, this year, the OCA will participate in the ICT festival in the Arena, the area dedicated to associations, community, users groups, networks of professionals, universities, research centers, and other companies in the ICT world. The date is 11th November, 2015 for the third edition of the ICT festival, at the Fiera Milano Congressi (via Gattamelata, 5), with 5,000 square meters of contents and ICT protagonists (Italian and global).

More info: https://odoo-community.org/event/festival-ict-2015-11-11-26/register

Open Source Summit in Paris, France from November 18th to 19th

The Paris Open Source Summit, the premier European event centered on the Free & Open Source sector, is the result of the merger of two iconic Open Source events: Linux Solutions and the Open World Forum. The OCA will be part of this great event by having a booth in the association village. 

New contributors and PSC

The OCA would like to welcome Gervais Naoussi as a new contributor. Gervais is a student at ETS (http://etsmtl.ca), an engineering university in Montreal, Canada. Gervais will be migrating and enhancing management systems modules to version 9.

Laurent Mignon joined the OCA/connector PSC.

Board Announcements

Next OCA Board Meeting

The OCA board meets every month and the next ones are October 14th and November 3rd, 2015. If you have any matter or feedback you would like to raise to the board, please add your points to the OCA Board Agenda

2015 Annual General Assembly

You can access and read the documents related to the 2015 Annual General Assembly on our previous blog post.

Mailing lists

The OCA is now providing a mailing lists service for PSC on its Odoo instance. The service is two-fold:

  • a public mailing list where anyone can subscribed to
  • a private one restricted to the PSC members

If your PSC is willing to setup any of those mailing lists, please email support@odoo-community.org.

The OCA is also welcoming and encouraging the whole community:
  • to join the mailing lists of their choice
  • to introduce themselves and their expectations
  • to share their skills that can be helpful to the PSC (reviewing, translating, writing, bug triaging, etc.)

RSS Feed

The blog of the OCA now has an RSS feed. You can add https://odoo-community.org/blog_rss.xml to your favorite RSS aggregator and get informed of the new blog posts.

Odoo Members

Call for contributors and sponsors

The OCA is looking for contributors to:

and organizations to sponsor our activities.

OCA Monthly Newsletter
Open Source Integrators, Maxime Chambreuil 7 October, 2015
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