OCA/l10-belgium Code Sprint 2015-08-28
Code Sprint report

The first OCA code sprint dedicated to the the belgian localization

On Friday 2015-08-28, the first OCA code sprint dedicated to evolving the belgian localization under OCA umbrella took place in the ACSONE offices in Brussels.

Participants were (clockwise from upper left) Adrien Peiffer (ACSONE), Christophe Hanon (Adins), Gael Rabier (Niboo), Samuel Lefever (Niboo), Stéphane Bidoul (ACSONE), François Legros (Noviat), Luc De Meyer (Noviat), Jacques-Etienne Baudoux (BCIM), and Laurent Mignon (ACSONE).

What we achieved

Pre-sprint preparation was done by collecting ideas in a shared document

We started the sprint with a one hour talk to discuss current status and set priorities. We then split in small groups to work on the selected topics:

Odoo text and image block

There is a lot of after-sprint work to do such as reviewing and finalizing some PR's, but we can already say that it was quite a productive day. And we have many more ideas in stock, so there will surely be another soon.

Thanks to all participants!

OCA/l10-belgium Code Sprint 2015-08-28
Acsone SA/NV, Stéphane Bidoul 1 September, 2015
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