OCA General Assembly and Election

OCA Annual General Assembly and Election

June 2017

Dear Community,
I'm pleased to report that the 2017 Annual General Assembly was closed on June the 3rd, and the election results have been announced.

Ten new Delegates were elected just before the AGA, and were able to vote for the first time. They are:
  • Mrs Charline Dumontet
  • Mr. Bima Jati Wijaya
  • Mr. Dave Lasley
  • Mr. Jonathan Nemry
  • Mr. Denis Leemann
  • Mr. Yannick Vaucher
  • Mr. Julien Coux
  • Mr. Gilles Meyomesse
  • Mr. Akim Juillerat
  • Mr. Frederik Kramer
As for the AGA results, the 2016 Activities Report and Financial Statements were approved and the new board and auditors team were elected.

The board has a new member, Dave Lasley, replacing Sébastien Beau (Akretion, France), who did not reapply. The other eight board members were re-elected.

On the first board meeting after the election, held on the 6th of June, a main role for each board member was defined:
  • President: Joël Grand-Guillaume (Camptocamp, Switzerland), 
  • Vice President and Events: Maxime Chambreuil (Ursa Information Systems, The United States & Mexico)
  • Treasurer (Expenses, RFQ): Eric Caudal (Elico Corp, China), 
  • Secretary: Alexandre Fayolle (Camptocamp, France)
  • Communication & Marketing: Daniel Reis (Thinkopen Solutions, Portugal)
  • Communication & Marketing: Dave Lasley (Laslabs, The United States)
  • Sales & Membership: Jordi Ballester (Eficent, Spain)
  • PSC/Community Management: Pedro Manuel Baeza (Tecnativa, Spain)
  • Operations Support: Stéphane Bidoul (Acsone, Belgium)

The financial auditors also have a new member,
Adrien Peiffer, replacing Graeme Gellatly.
The elected
auditors are:
  • Adrien Peiffer (Acsone, Belgium)
  • Luc De Meyer (Noviat,  Belgium)
  • Samuel Lefever (Niboo, Belgium)

An appreciation is also due to all the other candidates that were not elected, but showed the availability to lend their time to help the OCA cause.
Meet all the candidates in the summary document, prepared for the election.
Congratulations for all the elected candidates, and welcome to the newcomers.
The full General Assemply record is available here.

Photo by
Luke Chesser on Unsplash

OCA General Assembly and Election
Open Source Integrators, Daniel Reis 8 June, 2017
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