OCA 2020 Updates

                        Dear Community.

                        We hope 2020 has started well for everyone.

                        Just a little round up of items to keep people up-to-date with what has been going on:

                        2020 OCA Membership
                        • Membership renewals for 2020 were sent out earlier in January to all current members from 2019. If you didn't receive a renewal invoice but were expecting one please get in touch via membership AT odoo-community DOT org 

                        • If you would like to join the OCA as a member you can purchase through the app store.

                        • Make sure you have sent in a signed CLA as well.

                        • To be published on the members list on the website once your payment has been reconciled you need to make sure you have "opted in" by completing this survey.

                        2020 OCA Sponsorship
                        • As you are aware we are non-profit organisation and rely on the financial contribution of our members and sponsors to support our running costs. If you are interested in finding out more about becoming a sponsor for 2020 then please get in touch at sponsorship AT odoo-community DOT org

                        • You can find more information about sponsorship here.

                        • You can also purchase sponsorship directly at the app store: Bronze, Silver, Gold and Platinum

                        • Open Source Integrators has signed on again for 2020 as a Platinum Sponsor. Their continued support is much appreciated.

                        2020 RFQs
                        • January 20th, 2020:  Migration of odoo-community.org from Odoo 12 to Odoo 13. Awarded to Eficent/Tecnativa for €12,432. Thank you to Serpent Consulting for their bid. This project will commence later in 2020, if you are interested in accelerating the process, please get in touch about sponsorship.
                        • January 20th, 2020: 2020 Graphic Designer. Awarded to Pixelove Studio for €30 per hour. Thank you to Serpent Consulting for their bid.
                        • January 20th, 2020: 2019 General Secretary. Awarded to O4SB for €38 per hour
                        2019 Annual General Assembly

                        The 2019 Annual General Assembly was closed after voting in November 2019.

                        Ten new Delegates were elected before the AGA and able to vote for the first time:

                        • M. Yves Goldberg

                        • M. Simone Orsi

                        • M. Sergio Teruel

                        • M. Wolfgang Taferner

                        • M. Bruno Joliveau

                        • Ms. Virginie Dewulf

M. Lois Rilo Antelo

                        • M. Gonzalo Ruzafa

                        • M. Jordi Riera

                        • M. Luis Felipe Mileo

                        As for the AGA results, the 2018/2019 Activities Report and Financial Statements were approved and the new board members and auditors were elected.

                        We have again a full board of 9 members after running most of 2019 with just 8 after the sad passing of Eric Caudal in April.
                        • Joël Grand-Guillaume (Camptocamp, Switzerland), 
                        • Maxime Chambreuil (Open Source Integrators, The United States & Mexico)
                        • Frederik Kramer (InitOS, Germany)
                        • Daniel Reis (Open Source Integrators, The United States & Portugal)
                        • Jordi Ballester (Eficent, Spain), 
                        • Stéphane Bidoul (Acsone, Belgium) 
                        • Alexandre Fayolle (Camptocamp, France)
                        • Simone Orsi (Camptocamp, Italy)
                        • Graeme Gellatly (Open 4 Small Business (New Zealand)

                        At the first board meeting after the election, it was decided that working more collaborative as teams would be beneficial this year:

                        The financial auditors were also elected:

                        • Marc Cassutto (Arche TI, Canada)

                        • Remco Scholten (Onestein, Netherlands)

                        • Ronda Mader (Open Source Integrators, The United States)

                        We thank all the candidates that put themselves forward but were not elected this time round - it was motivating to see more people wanting to participate as delegates over the course of the elections with the view to some hopefully becoming Board members in the future.

                        Congratulations for all the elected candidates, and welcome to the newcomers.
                        The full General Assembly record is available here.

                        The OCA Board wishes the Community a prosperous and successful year.
                        OCA 2020 Updates
                        Open for Small Business, Rebecca Gellatly 17 February, 2020
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