New workflow in Github Actions


The CI of the OCA is currently based on four tools :

  1.  GitHub Actions, which performs pre-commit checks

  2. Travis CI, which performs tests. (Installing modules, and executing tests present in the "./tests/" folder of each module)

  3. OCA runbot, which installs all the modules, and allows to test the functionalities from a functional point of view

  4. Codecov, which mentions the coverage of the source code. (the results are given as an indication, and are not blocking for merge the Pull Request)

Once the PR is reviewed and validated, the merge process is ordered by the repo maintainers, (or by the module maintainers if defined) who calls the OCA bot to perform the tests and the merge.


Since April 22, 2021, GitHub tries to limit the abuse in the use of GitHub actions.

Therefore, GitHub actions on PRs proposed by people who have never contributed to the repository will not be executed automatically.

A repository manager will have to do it manually.

Note that :

  • if a new commit is made, a new validation will have to be done
    from a repository maintainers

  • people who are responsible for a module, but who are not maintainer for the repository do not have the right to launch the execution of the GitHub action

What to do ?

  • If you are a contributor, and if you see that the GitHub actions are not executed on the PRs you are proposing or reviewing, please ping maintainers

  • if you are a repository maintainer, please take a look on the contribution of newcomers (specially check if malicious code is introduced), and once reviewed, launch the execution of GitHub actions

OCA is hosting a lot of repositories on GitHub (206 !), we hope that this new manual action will not interfere with the process of reviewing and accepting changes.


New workflow in Github Actions
Groupement Régional Alimentaire de Proximité, Sylvain LE GAL 26 April, 2021
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