New website and update on our on-going work

Improving the way to collaborate together

A new website, migration to Github and more

The new website

Here we are! After a lot of work, we're pleased to announce this new website built with the new Odoo CMS. We hope you enjoy it!

An overview of the most important pages:

  • Inside each Team, find their purpose and their related projects (e.g. Community Maintainers). Follow their tasks, participate more by signing in and posting comments on them.
  • The section about how to contribute and get involved within the OCA and odoo community
Aside from that, this new website and odoo instance will allow us manage the membership subscriptions. It also provides a new way of collaborating together. Sharing the projects through the odoo portal will allow you to contribute directly within the OCA projects.

Github migration

We are in the process of migrating of all our work from Launchpad to Github. We have already setup the OCA organization, our teams and repositories.

As it has been decided (to avoid having two platforms where reviewers will have to do their work) that Github will become the master. This means that we will move all our code base under Github and mirror the version 6.1 and 7.0 on the old Launchpad platform. Version 8.0 will only be managed on Github.

The merge proposals in progress on Launchpad must then be pushed by every contributor to Github in order to allow the reviewers to do their job. More information about how to proceed will come.

The bug reports will be managed under the issues section of every Github repository.

Continuous Integration Server

A very long awaited project is becoming reality! We are putting in place a continuous integration server on Github. This will bring us the possibility to test every pull request before merging them, avoiding regressions and bugs before they land in the repository. 

But more than that, it will allow non-technical people to perform functional tests! This is a huge step forward since more people will be able to get involved in the review process and improve the quality of our work.

What's next? Our planning

By the end of July, here is what is foreseen for the next steps within the OCA organization:
  • End the setup of our odoo instance
  • Invoice our members and validate their CLA
  • Elect the project leader of every Project Steering Committee (or Team)
  • Provide the reviewers the needed tools to do their job (migration scripts, continuous integration server, ...)
  • Setup a mailling list for the OCA's members
  • Start the migration from Launchpad to Github for every project
  • Take care of the translations for every OCA projects on Github
  • Continue the discussion with Fabien and OpenERP SA to improve the collaboration between the community and the editor
New website and update on our on-going work
Camptocamp SA, Joël Grand Guillaume 24 June, 2014
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