June 2015 code sprint report
What we achieved during these 2 days

Huge success for the code sprint session

Close to 50 contributors joined the OCA code sprint hosted at the Ibis hotel of Louvain la Neuve before Odoo Experience, and did a terrific job during these two intense days. We thank them all for joining us and contributing to the OCA:
  • Graeme Gellatly

  • Sandy Carter

  • Alexandre Fayolle

  • Joël Grand-Guillaume

  • Yannick Vaucher

  • Matthieu Dietrich

  • Guewen Baconnier

  • Alex Duan

  • Sylvain Calador

  • Sylvain Garancher

  • Alexandre Moreau

  • Markus Schneider

  • Leonardo Pistone

  • Nicolas Bessi

  • Sylvain Le Gal

  • Laurent Mignon

  • Jonathan Nemry

  • Florian Da Costa

  • Abdessammad Hilali

  • Charbel Jacquin

  • Stéphane Bidoul

  • Jean-Sébastien Suzanne

  • Pierre Verkest

  • Jos De Graeve

  • Sam Lefever

  • Mathias Colpaert

  • Maxime Chambreuil

  • Robert Ruebner

  • Benjamin Bachmann

  • Christoph Giesel

  • Stefan Rijnhart

  • Moises López

  • Luc De Meyer

  • Florent Aide

  • Tani Nguyen

  • Romain Deheele

  • Philippe Schmidt

  • Éric Caudal

  • Benoit Guillot

  • Christophe Combelles

  • Jordi Ballester

  • Yannick Buron

  • Olivier Laurent

  • Parthiv Patel

  • Thomas Winteler

  • Christelle De Coninck

What was achieved


During day 1, reviews of the modules in odoomrp-wip were made to point which modules were ready for merging within the OCA. See the migration status for details.

On day 2, Ana made a demo of the features developped in the MRP project.

the OCA runbot was configured to run the odoomrp branches in order to ease testing.


OCA Process Documentation

A first set of recommendation was drafted and published reflecting the current practices.



After one day of work and a lot of patience waiting on travis we are happy to annouce that we have the first release of geoengine for version 8.0. The travis is green and it can be tested on the OCA runbot :).  The automatic publication of the doc is finished and integrated with odoo_sphinx_autodoc egg, we should be able to have the geoengine documentation available here: http://oca.github.io/geospatial/ once travis will run.


Some nice addition like direct geolocalisation of partner have landed in Geoengine and fixes Google API terms issues.


Odoo mailing list improvements

Created a pull request for fixing the behavior of Odoo when forwarding mails from one mailing list to another.


Connector Framework

Jean-Sébastien deprecated the ‘install_in_connector()’ function, it is no longer necessary to call it in addons using the connector. It is a great improvement because it was making the learning curve steeper. (https://github.com/OCA/connector/pull/74)

Markus reviewed the Magento Connector Migration and Guewen made the according changes to get it merged. Release 3.0.0 of the Magento Connector!

Jos and Guewen worked on the implementation of the Retry Patterns for retryable jobs, for instance, you can choose that the 5 first retries of a job are retried after 10 minutes, the next 10 after 30 minutes and then after 1 hour, resulting in OCA/connector#75 and apertoso/connector#1.

Benoit added an optimization on the Mapper for export of records, a new ‘changed_by_fields’ lists all the fields which results in values for a Mapper (in direct mapping or @changed_by) so we can avoid a call to the Mapper when not necessary.

Markus thought about merging the concepts of connector checkpoints, sales and purchases exceptions.

Christophe proposed a generic Binder for the connector, based on the binders of the existing connector modules and covering all of them. It will avoid to duplicate the Binder in every implementation of the connector.

Guewen improved the build of the documentation based on the work made in the geoengine team so it takes now only half the time (~5 minutes vs ~10 minutes)


Continuous integration tools

Prepared a script to massively update all the repositories with:

  • runbot badge

  • transifex translation status

  • code climate


Merged a pylint custom checker for forgotten debugger breakpoints.


Some WIP to get the translation back from transifex to github (the other way round is already there, see OCA/maintainer-tools#63)


Wrote a sphinx extension to be able to use autodoc on “openerp.addons.*” modules.

Generation and export of the documentation of the modules to the OCA website with sphinx.


Script to run MQT locally. (WIP)


Add some container directives to speed up test setup.


Improve the transifex documentation


HR / Project & Service

The sprinters on that table resolved a nasty issue related to a behavior change in the odoo core (see OCA/project-service#89 and OCA/department#46)


This allowed to get a Green CI status for the 8.0 branch of OCA/hr-timesheet.

21 Pull Requests in OCA/hr and OCA/hr-timesheet were reviewed or merged.

Maxime did a PEP8 fixing pass for hr-timesheet 6.1 (to be merged)

Started the migration to 8.0 of the Earned Value Management module (WIP).

Procurement & Purchase / Products

Several discussions were necessary to achieve the functional design and coordinate with the current odoomrp developments. 

The following modules were finished during the code sprint and proposed to the OCA branch (purchase-workflow):

  • stock_landed_cost_invoice (v1.0): Allows to link the LC expense to a supplier invoice
  • stock_landed_cost_multi_currency (v1.0): Allows to book LC in multiple currencies
  • stock_landed_cost_stock_move (v1.0): Allows booking a LC at stock move level with distribution key (standard is stock picking).

Those modules allow you to handle landed cost in a more complexe way than the standard v8.0 addon, including:

  • Landed cost received in various currencies (handling a secondary currency per cost) and dealing properly with stock accounting entries (also for anglo-saxon).
  • Pre-generate invoices from recorded landed costs (allow to deal with monthly invoices received from a given carrier for example).
  • System-ready to automate landed costs and cost of goods among different warehouses of a single company

Stocks / Logistics

Got 2 people making their first Pull Requests on OCA repositories.


Created all PRs to move descriptions into README.rst


Reviews and Merges


Closed issue



Fixed carrier-delivery runbot


Huge PEP8 fixing on stock-logistics-tracking 7.0


Several fixes that should hopefully make stock-logistics-workflow green


Web client / POS / Website

Add Project “website” to OCA Website

Setup Runbot for website repository and fix branches

Correct author on all website repositories

created pull request for One Step Checkout to the OCA/website

created pull request for a module that makes the partner required for pos orders


Accounting / Banking

  • Philippe and Adrien extracted the module descriptions in OCA-style READMEs in projects bank-payment and account-financial-tools. Those READMEs were completed by Philippe (Day 1 and 2) and Christelle (Day 2).  

  • Stéphane solved a long running issue that prevented a constraint to be properly setup in account_banking_payment_export, therefore making runbot green and the banking addons testable on runbot.

  • Alexis resolved the infamous issue #111 in bank-payment  by providing a solution for initiating party issuer and sepa creditor identifier that should work for all localizations; during the rest of the week, Alexis also pushed additional new API conversion of bank-payment.

  • On day 2 Christelle, did a lot of testing and raised several issues in Analytic on Assets, Search extension module and some improvements in Asset module. Those issues were directly resolved by Adrien or Luc. Functional testing was correct at the end of the sprint.

  • Luc and Adrien worked on improvements on analytic accounting with assets management. They also fixed some issues regarding possibility of  writing on depreciation journal entries and journal items. They also reviewed several pending PR.

Unforeseen topics

C# library for Odoo

Mathias Colpaert initiated a project to provide a nice library to access Odoo from .NET through XMLRPC.

But this is not all...

We also had plenty of time to socialize, discuss, eat, drink and have lots of fun!
Odoo text and image block

Looking forward to sprinting with all of you again soon!

Odoo CMS - a big picture

and of course with all the people who would have joined us but could not...

June 2015 code sprint report
Camptocamp France SAS, Alexandre Fayolle 9 June, 2015
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