Autumn Newsletter #2018.3

Hello Community.

Well, what a year it has been! It is hard to believe we are quickly heading into the festive season. The OCA would like to thank everyone who attended the OCA Days in Louvain-la-Neuve in October. It is always encouraging to see so many of our contributors working together and I know many of you enjoyed the actual face to face time with your peers. We look forward to seeing you again next year!

The Odoo Community Association is open to all, and everyone can contribute to the GitHub repositories. If you feel that the OCA has an important role supporting the open source values and the community efforts, please help us by becoming a Member.

Best regards,

Rebecca and Daniel

From the Web

Interesting articles regarding Odoo and the software craft in general

Why There Will Never Be Another RedHat: The Economics of Open Source -

Please don't tell me you want to be the next Red Hat! Peter Levine looks at the business models underlying the success or failure of open source in this article 

10 Common Git Problems and How to Fix Them

Having a few issues with Git? This tutorial covers the 10 most common Git tricks you should know about: how to undo commits, revert commits, edit commit messages, discard local files, resolve merge conflicts, and more.

Python String Formatting Best Practices - Real Python

Did you know there are four major ways to do string formatting in Python? This tutorial covers these four main approaches, as well as their strengths and weaknesses. You’ll also get a simple rule of thumb for how to pick the best general purpose string formatting approach in your own programs.

Python and Its Community Enter a New Phase - Linux Journal

Do you have views on PEP572? With Guido van Rossum taking a permanent vacation following controversy around this topic the Python Community is moving into unchartered waters, find out more in this article

Odoo is Now a CVE authority

CNAs are organizations from around the world that are authorized to assign CVE Entries to vulnerabilities affecting products within their distinct, agreed-upon scope, for inclusion in first-time public announcements of new vulnerabilities. Odoo joins the ranks of these organizations.

Open Source Streaming Software

A media streaming server based on Odoo - Koozic.

From the Community

New and noteworthy contributions to the Odoo community 

New OCA projects

A few new OCA repositories have been created on Github:

OCA Security Advisory: 

  • A vulnerability for the dbfilter_from_header module was found, allowing for Denial of Service attacks. If you use this module, you should update it as soon as possible.

Odoo tips:

      From the Association

      Learn what the OCA board has been working on

      OCA Days 2018

      The OCA Days 2018 were held during October 1st and 2nd in Louvain-la-Neuve, Belgium, preceding the Odoo Experience event. More than 180 people from all over the world participated both on-site and remotely, we'll be sharing more on this is a seperate blog post soon.

      Odoo XP

      The OCA sponsored a booth at the Odoo Experience from October 3rd - 5th. What an experience it was! We were busy! It was great to meet so many new people and share the work of the OCA and how others can contribute. We thank our sponsor IT IS AG for manning the stand numerous times and also thank the members who stepped up and helped welcome and educate people on what we do.

      Integrator Page

      We have recently launched the new Integrator page.
      This is where our integrators will be showcased - members, contributors and their contributions.

      Website Privacy

      Earlier this year we removed public information of our members and community from our website due to GDPR.
      We continue to strive to support our community and as such we are always trying to improve our processes. Following these changes in privacy ruling we are asking our members and contributors to either opt in or opt out of being published on our website.
      We invite all users of our website to actively confirm their choices in terms of privacy via this LINK.

      OCA Instance Migrated to Odoo 11

      The OCA's Odoo installation was migrated to Odoo 11, using OpenUpgrade. As in previous years, the OCA issued an RFQ for this work, and the resulting migration scripts were all contributed to the OpenUpgrade project.

      New OCA App Store
      During the OCA Days, in Louvain-la-Neuve, the OCA lauched the new community app store. The goal is to have a better index for the OCA addon modules. 


      We have been involved in a number of events over the past months - EuropythonPycon GhanaPyCon AuPyCon FrancePyCon.De and PyCon Canada. Our sponsor IT IS AG's Joerg Lorenz shares his PyCon De experience here.

      We also have a number of upcoming community events: OCA Sprints India and the 2019 Manzanillo OCA Days


      We are happy to announce new OCA sponsors! Open Source Integrators has become a Platinum sponsor. We also have two new Bronze sponsors: BizzAppDev and Acsone. Additionally, we also confirmed the sponsorship renewals for Cardolite and NSTDA. Thank you for supporting the Odoo community.

      Photo by Aaron Burden on Unsplash

      Autumn Newsletter #2018.3
      Open for Small Business, Rebecca Gellatly 11 December, 2018
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      PyCon DE 2018
      Joerg Lorenz from IT IS AG recently attended PyCon DE on behalf of the OCA - find out what he got up to….