April Board Meeting
Held in March, but who cares?

On March the 30th, your devoted (but too quiet) OCA Board hold its monthly meeting. Odoo Experience 2015 is around the corner so it is time to get ready. 

Among the important topics we discussed, we heard that many of you missed us and don't worry, we miss you too. This is why we need you to wake up this website. How can we only have 10 blog posts and 16 events in 10 months. Come on !!! 

Get involved !

I am sure we can do better than this, so please send us a nice blog post about your great work or suggest your event and we will publish it on the website.

We are also requesting your help to launch our Contributor of the Month Program. The idea is to provide visibility to someone who deserve it based on its contribution. If you have any idea and want to participate in this brainstorming, please complete the following pad: http://pad.odoo.com/p/cotm

Non-programmers can now test new features !

Join us and participate in the very fun game of reviewing pull requests on Github. 

After few months of hard work and sweat, the OCA is proud to provide a testing platform for its contributions. ​You will see, it is very simple :

  • Then click on "Details" of the ci/runbot line:
  • Once on Runbot, you can click on the blue square to get the login page:
  • You can then test the contribution against the scenario and add your comment on the pull request with:
    • :+1: if it matches the scenario or fix the bug
    • :-1: or describe what is wrong otherwise
  • Report Runbot errors by creating a new issue on the same project as the pull request:

Odoo Experience 2015

The OCA will be there with you.

The OCA will provide a 160-persons room prior to the Odoo Experience 2015 on June the 1st and 2nd, 2015 for community meetings, code sprints, reviews, workshops, etc... If you are interested, book your transportation and accomodation accordingly. There will  be OCA goodies on sale.

You can support us to have a booth on our indiegogo campaign.


The OCA Board is also working on integrating Github and Transifex to provide translators and translation teams with a new platform.


Companies and Organizations can now support the OCA by purchasing sponsorship on our shop. You'll be referenced on our website, we will make a public announcement and you will have the right to use the appropriated logo.

Status on the MRP initiative

We succeeded to gather all requirements in that document. We also looked for all existing modules and we now have a clear vision of what is the remaining gap. We are going to launch a crowdfunding campaign to finance and start the development of the Master Production Schedule (MPS). More news will come.

On our way to the Annual General Assembly

The OCA will hold its Annual General Assembly electronically reaching its excitement during the Odoo Experience 2015. 

To get ready, we suggest :

  • our fellow contributors to become an OCA Member before May 1st, 2015

  • our current OCA Members and Delegates to pay their renewing invoice before May 1st, 2015

  • you fill in this form to propose your candidacy to become an OCA Delegate.

The schedule for the weeks to come will be as follows:

  • From May 4th to 10th: Active OCA Delegates vote for 10 new OCA Delegates

  • From now to May 17th: Anyone can fill in this form to become an OCA Financial Auditor and OCA Delegates proposes their candidacy to become an OCA Board Member.

  • From May 18th to GA: OCA Delegates votes for 9 OCA Board Members, 3 Financial Auditors and approves the 2014 AGA record, Financial Statements and Activities Report, the 2015 Budget and the status changes.

April Board Meeting
Open Source Integrators, Maxime Chambreuil 31 March, 2015
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