20th September Board Meeting

The new OCA board team

The election for the new OCA board was run during August, and the elected board members
have started their new term this month. Seven of the member were reelected and two of them, Jordi and me (Daniel), are new to the board.

In the spirit of the values of Open Source, everyone in the board agrees that the OCA members deserve to be debriefed on the topics discussed, and involved in the discussions whenever that's possible and constructive. Following this principle, we will make a serious effort to regularly report to you on the OCA board meetings and ongoing activitie.

The first board meeting was held on September
the 6th, and was mostly to review the open items with all the board members, and new ones in particular, set priorities 
and the agenda for the next weeks. To improve coordination between the board members, and have a clearer idea on "who does what", more specific roles were defined and assigned to board members.

The board elected Joël Grand-Guillaume as President and Maxime Chambreuil as Vice-President.
I volunteered for Communication and Marketing role, that's why I get to write this.
Part of the responsibilities are to be in charge of the website and newsletter. I'm excited with this role, and I believe that there is a great potential for 
the OCA to reach a wider audience, and to improve the involvement and relationship with our Contributors and Members.
Here is the full list of board members and their primary roles:
  • President: Joël,
  • Vice-President: Maxime.
  • Treasurer: Eric, Stéphane (substitute).
  • Secretary: Alexandre, Maxime (substitute).
  • Communication: Daniel, Maxime (substitute).
  • Events: Sébastien, Maxime (substitute).
  • Support: Stéphane, Alexandre (substitute).
  • Sales: Jordi.
  • Project Steering Commitees: Pedro, Joël (substitute).

Board meeting summary

The second board meeting was held in the 20th September board meeting, and these were the most relevant topics discussed.


Quite some time was spent discussing the nitty gritty details of the upcoming events: OCA is an Odoo Experience sponsor and will have a booth on the exposition floor.

A meeting with the Odoo CEO, Fabien Pinckaers, is also planned, to discuss areas of collaboration and the future direction for Odoo and the community. 
In the two days before the Odoo Experience there will be an OCA code sprint also in Louvain-la-Neuve, that needs attention for several organization and logistic details.
Also discussed was the possibility to sponsor or support two other events that can can bring new contributors: the Querétaro Meetup, in Mexico, and Python 

Marketing strategy

Another topic under development is the marketing strategy for the OCA. Our sponsor Onestein has offered to help the OCA reach a broader audience by involving specialists from their marketing team. To better support the marketing strategy, the board decided that this is the right time to do an assesment of the Odoo community, and prepare a vision for the future and the role the OCA should play in it. We will survey all the community for this, and all those not involved in the OCA will also be invited to participate.
We then also intend to start a structured discussion to build an OCA Vision for year 2020: how do we want our landscape to be like in 2020? 

Contributor recognition

Recently Odoo SA announced the nominations for the awards to be given in a ceremony at the Odoo Experience.
Some of you commented that the people powering the OCA also deserve some recognition. The board agrees with that, and more should be done to reward all these hardworking contributors. We had a first discussion about details on how this could be done, but it is a topic to be further developed.

Please remember that some of the topics here can be ideas and early discussions,
and might not be implemented as reported here, or maybe at all.
If you have any ideas, suggestions or constructive feedback for the OCA board, feel welcome to contact us using the contribute@odoo-community.org email address.
We will surely read it and get back to you.

Hope to see you in Louvain-la-Neuve for the Odoo Experience!

20th September Board Meeting
Open Source Integrators, Daniel Reis 21 September, 2016
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