2023 Annual General Assembly

The 2023 Annual General Assembly has been completed.

Ten new Delegates were elected before the AGA and were able to vote for the first time. We welcome:

  • Carmen Bianca Bakker

  • David Beal

  • Elodie Lestrat

  • Harald Panten Lopez

  • Houssine Bakkali

  • Ivan Sokolov

  • Joan Sisquella

  • Radovan Skolnik

  • Syera Bonneaux

  • Valentin Vingare

We say farewell to Graeme Gellatly as a board member as his future business focus changes - thank you for the time and energy over your years in this role at the OCA.

The board members for 2024 are the remaining 8 from 2021 and 2022 with the addition of Jordi Ballester Alomar.

  • Benoît Guillot (Akretion, France)
  • Daniel Reis (Open Source Integrators, The United States & Portugal)
  • Enric Tobella Alomar (Creu Blanca, Spain)
  • Frederik Kramer (InitOS, Germany)
  • Joël Grand-Guillaume (Camptocamp, Switzerland)
  • Jordi Ballester Alomar (ForgeFlow, Spain)
  • Simone Orsi (Camptocamp, Italy)
  • Stéphane Bidoul (Acsone, Belgium) 
  • Virginie Dewulf (Coop IT Easy, Belgium)

The Financial Auditors were also elected:

  • Marc Cassutto (Arche TI, Canada)

  • Thorsten Vocks (OpenBig, Germany)

  • Please note the board has also selected Régis Pirard as an auditor. Régis is a previous auditor of the OCA. Unfortunately it wasn't till after the AGA had finished that he was aware of this year's election. We have often had 3 auditors in the past and are happy to welcome back Régis' expertise to help fulfil our financial obligations.

Congratulations to all the elected candidates.

We thank all the members and delegates that put themselves forward but were not elected this time round - it is motivating to see more people wanting to participate  more within the inner workings of the OCA. We had a record 18 applicants for board member positions this year!

The following motions were also approved:

The OCA Board wishes the community a safe and healthy end to 2023.

2023 Annual General Assembly
Open for Small Business, Rebecca Gellatly 6 December, 2023
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