2 day sprint before Odoo Experience 2015
Plan your trip, and join us on June 1st and 2nd

OCA Meetup in June 2015

Code sprint in Louvain-la-Neuve and more

Next June, Odoo will be hosting its yearly event, Odoo Experience 2015. The Odoo Community Association decided to seize the opportunity of this gathering and to organize a 2-day meetup before the main event. We booked a large room on the Louvain la Neuve campus, which should be able to host 160 persons, and we hope to see you there on June 1st and 2nd. Stay tuned for the exact location of the room.

What do we plan to do there? During the last board meeting, lots of great ideas were proposed, and in the end, what actually happens will depend on who joins the event and what people want to do, and the board is merely proposing activities. What we thought could be interesting for the OCA, but you can propose your own when you get there:

Continuous integration fixing session

There are lots of branch with a red CI status. This is very often caused by failing flake8 runs. Fixing this is tedious but not very difficult, and it is a very important point, because if the CI is not green to start with, then it is more work to check whether a PR is breaking the build or not

Massive PR review and merging party

Many PRs are currently waiting for review and merge. Join us, learn how reviews are made from experienced OCA reviewers, what to look for in the code, how to help in the reviewing process on a daily basis and how to improve your own pull requests...

Process documentation session

Newcomers are often baffled by the unwritten rules of the OCA, regarding coding standards, best practise... We need to document these, and help enforce common rules for our projects

Tools coding sprint

We need to automate our processes. Help and ideas are welcome to work on various topics such as maintainer-quality-tools, the runbot, the OCB merging scripts...

OCA projects Special Interest Groups

We have lots of projects, let's take the opportunity of being together in the same place to create special interest groups and create roadmaps, decide which modules should be migrated to 8.0 in priority...

Module documentation

Let's work on the description of the OCA modules, bring every description in a README.rst file, with screenshots, help for the users; improve the projects README.md files...


OCA Apps website

To give more visibility to OCA modules, we thought of creating an app.odoo-community.org web site and an addon to enable users to easily install the OCA addons in their instance. We could probably draft something during these two days...


MRP sprint

We have gathered some specifications for improving MRP in Odoo. If there are volunteer developers, this could be a great opportunity to discuss, synchronize and make progress in the implementation.

Bring your ideas

You certainly have lots of ideas and things you would like to achieve. We know two days is really short, but we welcome all suggestions!

This is open to everyone

You don't have to be an expert or an OCA member to join. Bring your ideas!

Attendance survey

In order to help us organize this event, we prepared a small survey. If you plan to attend please take a few minutes to fill it in: it will help us find out how many people to expect, and which activities you're interested in. There is also a section about helping the the animation of some workshops if you want to be more involved.
2 day sprint before Odoo Experience 2015
Camptocamp France SAS, Alexandre Fayolle 10 April, 2015
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