2019 OCA Days Follow Up Survey


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Not satisfied at allRather dissatisfiedSo/soRather satisfiedFully satisfiedNo opinion
Overall organization of the event
Variety of topics at the event
Helpfulness / friendliness of other attendees
Internet connectivity
Supplies (Tables, Connectors, Rooms)
Information flow during the event
Food / Catering
Meeting people / networking
Overall knowledge level of the attendees
Collaborative style of the event
The personal progress / learning I have made
My contribution to the community
Experience for non-technical people
Newcomer on-boarding
Training room utility
Open discussion room utility

What was your main satisfaction about the event? *

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Overall Satisfaction *

Not at allRather noSo/SoRather YesYes absolutelyNo Opinion
I have made good progress on what I initially planned to do
I have made progress on other things related to the OCA objectives
I did achieve what I wanted to
All in all it was worth attending the event

What's next?

Finally evaluate the following exit measures *

Not at allMost likely noUndecidedMost likely yesYes, absolutely
I will attend again
I will spread the word on the OCA Days in the future
I would be willing to host an event
I would be eager to co-organize an event in my area

Do you have any further suggestions of how the OCA Days could be improved?

Suggestions for future events