Functional Work Group Survey - OCA Tools

The OCA Functional Working Group was created after the OCA Days 2022, with the desire to attract more people with a functional role to OCA, to facilitate their understanding of the OCA processes, and (hopefully!) contribute to the Community.

One of the group’s working teams was specifically tasked with: 

  • Promoting the OCA tools provided by the community: Github, Weblate, Runboat (among others…), and helping new functional people familiarize with them

  • Improve discussion and exchanges between functional people and developers on different topics

We would like to invite all the people with a functional role in their company to fill in this survey: what we want to know from you is which OCA tools are you using and which OCA tools would you like to know more about? 

Please feel free to share this survey with your functional colleagues that are not subscribed to the newsletter (...and then get them to subscribe!)

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