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Multilang swiss STERCHI account chart and taxes

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Swiss localization

Multilang swiss STERCHI account chart and taxes This localisation module creates the VAT taxes for sales and purchases needed in Switzerland and provides the recommanded STERCHI chart of account in french, italian and german.

Related modules you may found interesting using OpenERP in Switzerland

Various other modules have been made to work with OpenERP in Switzerland, you may found some of them useful for you. Here is a list of the main ones:

  • l10n_ch_bank: List of swiss banks

  • l10n_ch_zip: List of swiss postal (ZIP)

  • l10n_ch_dta: Support of bank electronic payment (DTA)

  • l10n_ch_sepa: Support of SEPA/PAIN electronic payment

  • l10n_ch_payment_slip: Support of ESR/BVR payment slip report,

    Reconciliation, Report refactored with easy element positioning.

  • l10n_ch_scan_bvr: Scan the ESR/BVR reference to automatically create

    the proper suplier invoice

All the modules are available on OpenERP swiss localization project on Github: https://github.com/OCA/l10n-switzerland

You can also find them on apps.odoo.com.

Author: Camptocamp

Financial contributors: Prisme Solutions Informatique SA, Quod SA

Translation contributors: Brain-tec AG, Agile Business Group