Share pricelist between compagnies, not product

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In OpenERP, product prices (cost, list) are expressed in the currency of the price_type (by default the same than your company currency).

The idea here is to have the same products between compagnies (with each one their own currency through different price_type and different costs) but only one pricelist for all. For that purpose, we add a company_id on price_type object and a rule to separate them for each company. This way, the price computation of pricelist will take the right price_type currency as based price.

Concretely, to have a different cost price for a second company, you have to :
  • Create a new standard price on product.template
  • Create a new "Price Type" on this new field, with the desired currency and assigned to the new currency
  • Assign the existing "Cost Price" to your main company
  • On the setup of each company, in the "Configuration"'s Tab, select the product field used for the cost

The Price Type used is the first one found for the cost field configured on the company. To ensure the right Price Type is selected, you have to put the company on the Price Types, and according to the security rule created, you will have access only to the right Price Type.


I create a product A. it has 2 fields for cost prices : Cost Price and Cost Price CH

Price type Sale company A : Cost Price / EUR Price type Sale company B : Cost Price CH / CHF

Cost Price of Product A, company A: 60 Cost Price CH of Product A, company B: 70

Product A in company A: The cost price is 60 * currency rate Product A in company B: The cost price is 70 * currency rate

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