Pricelist Configurator By Bom

Technical Name:
Agile Business Group
  • Odoo Version


This module is a calculator that establishes the final product’s price based on different margins applied to the costs of the components of the bill of material. In OpenERP the product’s price is computed by the price list, every partner can have his price list and every price list item con be connected to a product.

This module provides a configurator where the user selects the final product and the partner. The system propose the BOM with the costs of every component. The user can finally set the margin for every component and compute the final price.

How To Use

  • In the configurator, fill the Product and Partner fields, the system will automatically load the bom (changeable) and the lines
  • Work on the several lines setting the margin you want to apply
  • Compute the final price and create (or update) the price list