NUTS Regions

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NUTS Regions

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This module allows to import NUTS locations.

Creates four new fields in Partner object, one per NUTS level

  • NUTS L1: Country level
  • NUTS L2: Normally state or big region level
  • NUTS L3: Normally substate or state level
  • NUTS L4: Normally small region or province level

This module allows to set the flag Not updatable in a NUTS region so that it gets no more updated nor deleted by the import wizard.

Usually NUTS regions have to stay updated with the real ones, but the user may want to update a region's field (name, parent, ...) or create a new ones. With this module, flagging such records as Not updatable prevents them from being overwritten or deleted by the import wizard.

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We recommend to install another addon (one for each country) in order to relate NUTS with states defined by each localization addon, for example:

  • l10n_es_location_nuts : Spanish Provinces (NUTS level 4) related to Partner State
  • l10n_de_location_nuts : German states (NUTS level 2) related to Partner State


After installation, you must click at import wizard to populate NUTS items in Odoo database in: Sales > Configuration > Address Book > Import NUTS 2013

This wizard will download from Europe RAMON service the metadata to build NUTS in Odoo. Each localization addon (l10n_es_location_nuts, l10n_de_location_nuts, ...) will inherit this wizard and relate each NUTS item with states. So if you install a new localization addon you must re-build NUTS clicking this wizard again.


Only Administrator can manage NUTS list (it is not neccesary because it is an European convention) but any registered user can read them, in order to allow to assign them to partner object.

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