Multicurrency revaluation

Manage revaluation for multicurrency environment

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Multicurrency revaluation

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This module was written to extend the functionality of the accounting module to support the multicurrency and to allow you to generate automatically revaluation journal entries.

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To install this module, you need to:

  • clone the branch 11.0 of the repository
  • add the path to this repository in your configuration (addons-path)
  • update the module list
  • search for "Multicurrency revaluation" in your addons
  • install the module


Due to the various legislation according the country, in the Accounting settings you can set the way you want to generate revaluation journal entries.

The user that can access to the edition of the 'Provision B.S loss account' and 'Provision P&L accounts' need to be in the security group 'Additional provisioning entries posting'.

You also need to tick the box "Allow multi currencies" in the menu Settings/ Configuration/ Invoicing to be able to select the currency on the account you want to revaluate.

Please, find below advised account settings for 3 countries:

For UK (Revaluation)

(l10n_uk Chart of account)

                        LOSS    GAIN
Revaluation account    [7700]  [7700]
Provision B.S account  [    ]  [    ]
Provision P&L account  [    ]  [    ]

For CH (Provision)

(l10n_ch Chart of account)

                        LOSS    GAIN
Revaluation account    [    ]  [    ]
Provision B.S account  [2331]  [2331]
Provision P&L account  [3906]  [4906]

For FR

(l10n_fr Chart of account)

                        LOSS    GAIN
Revaluation account    [ 476]  [ 477]
Provision B.S account  [1515]  [    ]
Provision P&L account  [6865]  [    ]


To use this module, you need to:

  • Check Allow currency revaluation on accounts you want to revaluate.
  • Open the wizard 'Invoicing > Adviser > Currency Revaluation' to generate the revaluation journal entries. It adjusts account balance having Allow currency revaluation checked.
  • Open the report through the following menu: Accounting > Reporting > Legal Reports > Accounting Reports > Print Currency Unrealized
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  • Alexis de Lattre
  • Frédéric Clementi
  • Guewen Baconnier @ Camptocamp
  • Joel Grand-Guillaume
  • Kinner Vachhani
  • Matt Choplin
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  • Pedro M. Baeza
  • Stéphane Bidoul
  • Vincent Renaville
  • Yannick Vaucher
  • Akim Juillerat


This module is maintained by the OCA.

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