Logistics Requisition

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This module allows you to manage your Logistics Requisitions.

A Logistics requisition express a need that is requested somewhere. It allows to manage the sourcing of the needs before making a cost estimate to the requestor.

This invert the logic that is in standard in Odoo in the way that the sourcing of the procurement is made before the order confirmation and we built the link in case of validation. In standard, the SO confirmation generate the procurement then it generate the needed procurement.

The sourcing can be of various type:

  • Warehouse dispatch: You will deliver the requested goods from one of your stock location
  • Go for tender: You will go for tender to chose the best supplier for the required goods
  • Use Existing Bid: You will reuse an existing winning bid from a former tender.
  • Framework agreement: You will use the existing Framework agreement
  • Other: Nothing of those choices. In that case, the line can be selected and included in either a PO or a tender

The simple process is the following:

  • LR are recorded to represent the need of the customer/requestor
  • LR are confirmed and sourced by different way (dispatch, tender, ..)
  • If sourced from tender, you need to go all along the tendering process (CBA).

Once you chose one bid, the system will automatically put back the prices information on the sourcing line of the LR.

  • You can create a cost estimate from sourced LR lines for your resquestor/customer

  • If the requestor accepts the cost estimate, his validation will automatically:

    • Create the link between the chosen winning bid and the line sourced this way. A new draft PO will be generated and managed as drop shipping.
    • Lines sourced as a dispatch will create a delivery order.
    • Lines sourced a LTA will create a PO of type LTA