Bank statement transactionID import

Technical Name:
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This module brings generic methods and fields on bank statement to deal with the importation of different bank and offices that uses transactionID.

This module allows you to import your bank transactions with a standard .csv or .xls file (you'll find samples in the 'data' folder). It respects the chosen profile (model provided by the account_statement_ext module) to generate the entries.

This module can handle a commission taken by the payment office and has the following format:

  • transaction_id: the transaction ID given by the bank/office. It is used as reference in the generated entries and is useful for reconciliation process
  • date: date of the payment
  • amount: amount paid in the currency of the journal used in the importation profile
  • commission_amount: amount of the comission for each line
  • label: the comunication given by the payment office, used as communication in the generated entries.