Account Constraints

Technical Name:
  • Odoo Version

Account Constraints

Add constraints in the accounting module of OpenERP to avoid bad usage by users that lead to corrupted datas. This is based on our experiences and legal state of the art in other software.

Summary of constraints are:

  • Add a constraint on account move: you cannot pickup a date that is not in the fiscal year of the concerned period (configurable per journal)

  • For manual entries when multicurrency:

    1. Validation on the use of the 'Currency' and 'Currency Amount' fields as it is possible to enter one without the other
    2. Validation to prevent a Credit amount with a positive 'Currency Amount', or a Debit with a negative 'Currency Amount'
  • Add a check on entries that user cannot provide a secondary currency if the same than the company one.

  • Remove the possibility to modify or delete a move line related to an invoice or a bank statement, no matter what the status of the move (draft, validated or posted). This is useful in a standard context but even more if you're using account_default_draft_move. This way you ensure that the user cannot make mistakes even in draft state, he must pass through the parent object to make his modification.

    Contributors * St├ęphane Bidoul <>