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LasLabs, Dave Lasley
- 16/08/2016 17:41:56
:+1 as well

I added a few suggestions in the spreadsheet, namely:
  1. the addition of a `server-mail` repo to house our modules related to mail
  2. base_external_dbsource recommend move to server-backend

On Aug 16, 2016, at 10:38 AM, David Arnold <> wrote:

There should be immediate consensus on more decoupled repo structure within the OCA, so "hell yes!" ;)

El jue., 11 ago. 2016 a las 4:23, Daniel Reis (<>) escribió:


I believe that the repo can be subdivided in several more focused ones.

I propose to keep OCA/serverl-tools mostly for features related to configuration and administration tasks.
The other features can be moved to a few new spinf-off repos.

I can think of four new repos to create as spin-offs:
- OCA/server-auth (10 modules): Authentication related
- OCA/server-backend (5 modules): Server ORM extensions, new fields
- OCA/server-brand (8 modules and counting): (De)branding related
- OCA/server-ux (11 modules): Server side features for usability and user experience related

Supporting the above division, and as a starting point for the discussion, I prepared this spreadsheet:

Feel free to comment and share any concerns or suggestions.



Citando Alexandre Fayolle <>:


A recent discussion starting on raised the bad state of the server-tools repository which ends up hosting everything not fitting elsewhere. This ends up making the repository harder to maintain.

Let's discuss how these projects can be split

-- Alexandre

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