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wrap-up code from the sprint

Leonardo Pistone
- 24/05/2016 11:59:36
Hi all!

I am trying to wrap up and get our code reviewed and merged.

Some of the work, including date_range and mis_builder is already
merged, which is great!

I am now trying to clean up the push-here branch. I think I should
make a rebase of it to remove things which are already in other pull
requests, like the mis builder. I think I will try the rebase in a new
branch containing only the account_financial_report_qweb module, and
propose that one to OCA/account-financial-reporting. What do you

Before doing that, please check:

- do you have any code you would like to push to push-here before I
rebase? It would be easier to do it now than later
- Do you have code you would like to keep in the other branches of
oca-sorrento? If so, what would you like to do with it? If you find
duplicated or otherwise useless branches of yours in oca-sorrento,
please delete them.

Thanks to all for your work! Let me know if you have any ideas for this.