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Re: odoo days 2016 - OCA code sprint

Juan José Scarafía
- 04/05/2016 20:12:29
Thanks Davide Corio!!

El mié., 4 may. 2016 a las 17:08, Gonzalo Ruzafa (<gr@adhoc.com.ar>) escribió:
Hello people

Trying to suscribe to the Code Sprint through the ecommerce is giving Internal Server Error

Any idea on how to suscribe?


El mié., 4 may. 2016 a las 15:23, Davide Corio (<davide.corio@abstract.it>) escribió:
2016-05-04 20:08 GMT+02:00 Juan José Scarafía (ADHOC) <scarafia.juanjose@gmail.com>:
There will be a code sprint before/after odoo days 2016? Do we have dates?
We are from Argentina and next to book flight tickets. Last year we loose the code sprint because tickets already booked, we would like to join this year!

Any information would be appreciated. Thanks,

Davide Corio
Odoo Specialist


Ing. Gonzalo Ruzafa

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