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Re: Please help with my research: http://mba.o4sb.com/

Open for Small Business, Graeme Gellatly
- 09/11/2015 20:06:41
Hi Markus,

Yes it is complete although I am yet to receive back from examiners or even any indication of when to expect.  Just been enjoying a few relaxing weeks.  What I thought was going to be 30 or 40 pages turned into 110 so rather than blindly publish, once I've got it back, with any amendments requested will turn into a few smaller articles with the most important/best bits.  I'll still put up the final report at that address too and advise when done.

To be honest there isn't a lot everyone doesn't already know, but what is clear is everyone knows it.

On Tue, Nov 10, 2015 at 3:23 AM, Markus Schneider <markus.schneider@initos.com> wrote:
HI Graeme,

did you finish your work and you have any result?

Kind Regards


On 19.06.2015 09:08, Graeme Gellatly wrote:
> Hi,
> I am studying how different project structures affect participation in
> open source communities, focusing on Odoo to complete my MBA research. 
> Honestly it is really interesting stuff and I really want to share the
> results - but:
> I am currently about 60 surveys shy of a statistically relevant sample
> so please if you can spare me 10 minutes and you haven't done so already
> and complete the survey at http://mba.o4sb.com/ it would be hugely
> appreciated.  No experience necessary, although aimed at those who
> contribute at least in some way.
> All responses are completely anonymous and you get to see an awesome GPL
> project in action LimeSurvey as well as helping me out :).
> Many thanks to all those who have already responded.
> Kind regards,
> Graeme
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